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Looks aren't everything, not when it comes to buying a house as an investment or for personal use in King City. Purchasing a property is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. Look past the trendy d├ęcor and aesthetic features to determine the real investment value of a property.

Does It Have Good Bones?

Examine the structure of the house. A home inspector will list needed repairs. If big ticket items like the roof, the heating and cooling system, or the siding need to be replaced, you should consider the costs
of all these fixes and whether your budget will allow. If no major repairs are needed to the property, discuss the general condition of the house with the inspector. If it all checks out, you have the green light.

Is It in a Good Location?

Location is a big factor for house hunters in King City. For families with small children, neighborhood safety might be a priority. If the property is near busy roads, the location could be a deal breaker. On the other hand, if you are single, you might not mind living in an up-and-coming neighborhood. The nearby freeway could be an asset for a quick commute to work. But, you need to think about what makes a home a good long-term investment. If the location was a problem for you, it will be a problem for buyers in the future. Besides limiting the number of potential buyers, a bad location can influence the value of your home.

Are Amenities Nearby?

Popular restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries within walking distance of the property can be an asset for many buyers. It's important to have other businesses like a bank, Laundromat and grocery store within a short drive from the real property.

Is It in a Good School District?

One of the biggest factors in attracting families to a neighborhood in King City is effective schools. Parents want their children to attend a good school. Go online and look at test scores, graduation rates and student to teacher ratios. Compare statistics from your neighborhood schools to others in the city.

Consider visiting the school and talking to an administrator. Check the school website and browse through teacher qualifications. Talk to other parents in the area to make sure the house is in a good school district. If it's not, the home might not be a good investment.

What is the Layout?

The size and location of rooms in a house are important. Three bedrooms on the same floor with at least two bathrooms is typically the best investment. Families can use the bedrooms for children, and those without children can use the rooms as a guest room and an office.

An open layout is more popular than closed off rooms. Homeowners like to be able to prepare food in the kitchen while visiting with friends in the living room. An open concept makes that possible. In addition, buyers want large updated kitchens. For many families, the kitchen is the most important room in a home. Families gather in the kitchen area to cook and eat; they also use the space for homework and hobbies.

Can You Get a Good Deal?

Work with real estate sales professional to determine the value of the house in King City. Your sales professional will consider the home's appraisal, the local housing market, and comparable homes in the area. Discuss the price you want to submit for your first offer and figure out the most you want to spend. If your sales professional can negotiate a sales price at or below the property value, it should prove to be a good investment. If the seller is firm on price, ask about including closing costs as part of the deal.

What makes a home a good investment in King City depends on each buyer's intentions. If you want to live in the home for a few years and sell it to make a profit, price impacts the value of your investment. If you plan to live in the home for at least ten years, your investment isn't about money. It's more about your family's happiness with the space.

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